Erkkie Harris-Wells is a woman who has centered her life around empowering others.  With a deep motivation to make her life’s work meaningful and also make a positive impact on the well-being of others, Erkkie has dedicated her education, career and passion to the empowerment of men and women through hair.   

Beginning her career at the ripe age of 19, Erkkie’s mother instilled in her the idea that in order to “enjoy the life that she dreamt of, she would have to make her own way”.  With this in mind and a passion for the hair and beauty industry, Erkkie attended both the Santa Monica City College and Marinello Beauty College before heading to Europe to expand her training in trichology, the study of diseases or problems related to the hair and scalp.  While in London, she attended the Institute of Bioesthetics and later became a practitioner for a world-renowned medical facility for hair transplants.  Erkkie’s mother also advised her not to be apprehensive of working with hair of other races, so she learned the ins and outs of all hair types and broadened her business reach. With her abundant knowledge and expertise in the field of trichology she took her career to the next level. 

Erkkie returned to the United States and started consulting with salons, exposing ingrained societal barriers in the beauty industry.  On one occasion, while providing consulting and education on chemical processes for a white-owned salon, the owners expressed concern that because she is Black, she did not understand how to treat hair of other races.  But when Erkkie stepped in to prevent a woman from having her hair bleached off, the salon called her back to educate the entire staff.  Situations like this are far too familiar for Erkkie.  But with a strong sense of self-worth and her loving supporters by her side, Erkkie pushes beyond these barriers and continues to uplift men and women through her knowledge and professional practice. 

Today, Erkkie is founder and owner of Miyohara International Trichology Clinic, Inc.  Her company performs in-depth microscopic analysis to find the exact cause of hair loss.  Full of love for others, Erkkie works constantly to empower those around her to feel confident and beautiful. 


Erkkie Harris-Wells: Combining Expertise and Compassion

Erkkie Harris-Wells:  Combining Expertise and Compassion