Item Description

We are consistently evolving. Either consciously or unconsciously.  For you, it’s a conscious choice and you take it pretty seriously 😉 You are a lifelong learner, inner growth your favorite subject in this school of life.


This scarf is a symbol of your playful inner growth. The spiral art on this vibrant scarf is a symbol of evolution. The hand-drawn pattern is Doodle #2 of the “Pattern Interrupt Doodle series”. Affirmation for you “I am playfully and joyfully evolving into a better & higher version of myself”


This 28″x78″ Lenzing Modal scarf is soft, luxurious and earth friendly. Lenzing Modal is a great alternative for polyester or silk, making your wardrobe planet-friendly and cruelty free. The breathable fabric can be worn all year long and perfect for both casual or dressy wear.