Customer FAQs

What is

A marketplace designed for women-owned and gender-balanced businesses and professional services. Shop for your next favorite thing, hire a financial planner, and connect with a non-profit that supports women and girls – all on one platform. Shop your values and change the world!

What is different about TheWMarketplace from other referral sites for women-owned businesses?

TheWMarketplace is different in several ways. Our goal is to support the economic growth and well-being of women. We do this in a few different ways:

1. Direct Purchasing
TheWMarketplace allows consumers to purchase goods directly from women-owned and gender-balanced businesses through an ecommerce platform. Each purchase made on TheWMarketplace makes a direct and immediate economic impact on women.

2. Listing of Professional Service Providers
Whether you are looking for a financial planner, a lawyer or a life coach, you can find a woman professional service provider on TheWMarketplace. Each service provider will have a beautiful listing that is easily searchable.

3. Engagement with Non-Profit Organizations, Associations and Accelerators
The third pillar of TheWMarketplace is the listing of non-profit organizations that support women and girls. There are many organizations working hard to support gender parity and TheWMarketplace will connect shoppers and merchants with these groups - and allow these groups to share their mission with an engaged audience.

How do you assure that all the products on the WMarketplace are sold by women-owned or gender-balanced businesses?

Each merchant or professional service provider will complete a short self-assessment prior to
joining TheWMarketplace. Women have enough barriers to compete equally in business. Participation in TheWMarketplace will be accessible and attainable. Our mission is to provide a platform for women-owned businesses so they can participate, grow and thrive – not to add more barriers.

Are products more or less expensive because they are offered on TheWMarketplace?

Nope! But when you purchase from TheWMarketplace, you know you are putting money directly in the pockets of women-owned and gender-balanced businesses!

Is there free shipping on TheWMarketplace?

Yes! All vendors who join TheWMarketplace are asked to offer free shipping.

Can I buy merchandise directly from TheWMarketplace site?

Yes. is a fully-functioning, online market that allows purchases directly from merchants listed on the site.

Can I buy alcohol on TheWMarketplace?

At this time, we aren't set up to sell alcohol directly on TheWMarketplace. But we are very excited to launch a collection of women-owned wineries who are offering special discounts to TheWMarketplace shoppers. These discounts will be redeemed directly on the winery/distillery's website. As TheWMarketplace Team likes to say, "Ladies Love Wine!"

How do I get in touch with Professional Service providers listed on the site?

Search for professional service providers by name, category of service, or by key word search. Each service provider listing has a "contact" button which allows you to send an email directly to them.

Is there a fee to join TheWMarketplace?

No. Membership in TheWMarketplace is free to shoppers.

Does joining TheWMarketplace require a credit card?

No. Shoppers will not be asked for a payment type unless they have chosen to purchase items in their bag.

Who should shop on TheWMarketplace?

Everyone who shops online! TheWMarketplace offers a wide range of products from hundreds of vendors. We know you can find something you can't resist - or maybe you'll hire a lawyer to help you get your business started. Or maybe you are looking to get connected with a volunteer opportunity and want to check out the non-profits who support women and girls. We know that women shop with all parts of their brains all the time. TheWMarketplace puts it all together.

Can I buy the same things listed on TheWMarketplace at a lower price on Amazon?

Maybe! But wouldn't you rather choose to shop on a platform that is run by and for women? And we are committed to never asking our sellers to lower their prices in a race to the bottom. We want our sellers to thrive, not just survive.

Does TheWMarketplace list non-profit organizations that support women and girls to which I can donate?

Yes. TheWMarketplace lists non-profit organizations and association that support women and girls. We are working toward seamless donation, connection and support opportunities.  Stay tuned!

How do I list a non-profit on TheWMarketplace?

Go to our Contact Page and provide the relevant information.  Our team will be in touch to get you started.

Can I give money directly to a non-profit via TheWMarketplace?

No, not yet. You will be able to contact the non-profit directly from area. We are working toward seamless donation, connection and support opportunities.  Stay tuned!

What is the benefit of listing a non-profit on TheWMarketplace?

The heart of TheWMarketplace is the mission to support the overall economic health and wellbeing of women.  One way to do this is to connect customers who already are shopping their values and care about accelerating gender parity with the many, wonderful non-profit organizations who support women and girls.  We are working toward seamless donation, connection and engagement with non-profit organizations listed on TheWMarketplace, as well as targeted, time-bound campaigns highlighting new and existing programs.

Who owns TheWMarketplace?

TheWMarketplace is owned and operated by the founding team. See more here.