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True story - Venus first tried this lotion during a photoshoot.  We kept telling her to stop using it but she loved the scent from the lemongrass essential oil and the smooth, moisturizing shea butter texture.  Sure enough... 30 minutes later she was majorly sleepy!  She still loves the lotion but only uses it at night.  Lesson learned.  Melatonin and magnesium are a powerful combo even in the middle of the day at a photoshoot.


And it's not just Venus, Business Insider wrote a (rave) review stating that this lotion led to “some of the best sleep I've ever gotten.” Town & Country magazine said "sweet dreams are made of this." We recommend applying 30 minutes before bedtime (or 2 hours before bedtime if you are a night owl). This lemongrass scented lotion features melatonin combined with the restorative properties of magnesium to help you power down for a great night’s sleep.  Among many benefits, magnesium is also known to support with symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.  Read our blog to learn more and if your sleep is suffering, give this lotion a try.


Looking for an extra sleep boost try a bath before bed with our Ultimate Relaxation bath salts and add on our sleep mask to really put the day away.

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