Sauce Goddess

Item Description

With this Dip Mix 4 Pack, we've got your party pack right here. Dip Mix 4 Pack gives you one box of each of four dip and spread mixes. Each mix box makes 2-3 batches of delicious dip! Easily impress guests or indulge in a tasty snack!

Exotic Moroccan-Moroccan Dip is a tasty combination of allspice and cardamom. It transforms vanilla yogurt into an unbelievably delicious way to serve fruit.

Spicy Mexican Chorizo-This dip and spread mix is inspired by the complex flavors in Mexican Chorizo: cumin, coriander and chile pepper.

Spicy Garlic-This delicious dip mix combines brown sugar with black pepper, cayenne, cloves, and garlic. It is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

Fennel and Thyme Onion-It's everything you ever wanted in an onion dip. This flavorful blend of fennel, thyme, coriander and onion brings a freshness to all of your dips and spreads. 

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