Sauce Goddess

Item Description

Our Ultimate Grillmaster Set will give the chef in your life the ultimate set to get started with Sauce Goddess. All five of our super versatile and delicious grilling and cooking sauces AND all 6 of our flavorful spice blends in shaker size, plus a kitchen towel and a bamboo spoon and an apron or saucy tee (you choose).

Obscenely delicious flavors in Ultimate Grillmaster Set include:

  • Sticky Sweet Brown Super BBQ sauce (original mild smoke-free bbq)
  • Sweet & Spicy Cayenne Pepper sauce
  • Big & Tangy Black Pepper sauce
  • Sweet & Tangy Mop sauce and Marinade
  • Sweet Red Devil Habanero sauce
  • Moroccan Twist spice shaker
  • Latin Heat spice shaker
  • BBQ Sweet Heat spice shaker
  • Original Super Chunk Steakhouse spice shaker
  • Fiery Jamaican Jerk spice shaker
  • Big Tom's Roasting Rub and Brine spices

We have dozens of easy to follow recipes, even videos, to help you create fantastic meals for you and your family.

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