Andytown Coffee Roasters

Item Description

There’s now a delicious way to brew Andytown coffee without a machine: Steeped single-serve packs. Featuring the Wind & Sea blend that you love, nitro-sealed into a full-immersion filter (it looks similar to a tea bag) and a fully compostable pouch, you can enjoy a consistent cup of Andytown coffee whenever or wherever you need to—all you have to do is add hot water. Whether you’re traveling, in a hurry, or just want more time to slow down and savor your coffee with a no-fuss brewing process, we think you’ll love having these around.

We’re excited to partner with Steeped to bring you a simpler way to brew consistently delicious coffee in a fully compostable package! Try one or grab a 5-pack for the road.

Product details:

  • commercially compostable packs and bags, made using renewable materials

  • no staples, glue or wasted materials

  • nitro-sealed to remove oxygen and preserve freshness

  • Full Immersion Filter: renewable plant-based non-GMO compostable filter

    that regulates ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out

  • Barista Approved: continuously tested by multiple independent specialty

    coffee Q-graders for freshness, quality, strength, and taste

  • 12 month shelf life

Brewing Instructions:

Hot coffee brewing instructions:

  1. Pour: Place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8oz hot water per Steeped pack

  2. Dunk: Dunk the bag for 15-30 seconds or longer for added strength

  3. Steep: Leave bag in cup or until preferred taste. Drink after 5+ minutes.

Iced coffee brewing instructions + video

Cold brew instructions:

Place Steeped Bag in a cup and pour 8 oz of water per bag. Cover, refrigerate and let steep for 12-24 hours, or until desired strength is reached.