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This Masterclass is designed to give women entrepreneurs a chance to sit back, relax their way to setting their goals, and truly take action and feel empowered in their business. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice leaving you feeling truly relaxed and open. In this open state, your subconscious mind is alert and it accepts what you're hearing in this hypnotic state.

In this masterclass, Emma will guide you through a group hypnosis session (really like a guided meditation) where you will let go of limiting beliefs and leave feeling more empowered than ever before. At the end of the hypnosis, Emma will teach you about the secrets of your subconscious mind to better support you in your life and in your business. Emma will also share more about Rapid Transformational Therapy, which uses hypnosis, as well as many powerful tools, and how this therapy can change your life in only 1 session.

*Disclosure about hypnosis: there is a lot of misconception about hypnosis like "will I remember anything? Will I be in control?" Emma ensures that "hypnosis is a completely natural state that you're actually in every day and may not realize! Your mind will never accept anything that isn't in your best interest, so in our session, when I give your mind empowering suggestions, if you don't like what you hear your mind won't accept it. You're actually more aware in hypnosis than you are in "normal" life." There will be a time at the end of the masterclass for any questions!

Date: Friday, April 15
Time: 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern
Location: Zoom

You will receive your Zoom link upon purchase of the Master Class via a pdf attached to your confirmation email. Please reach out to if you have any questions!