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Goddess Swag's Chakra Pillow Collection ~ from Root to Crown Chakra! With bonus: Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras

Root Chakra, known as Muladhara, is associated with security, safety, vitality, survival, and feeling grounded in the physical world. It is the 1st chakra located at the base of the spine. The element is earth. Color is Red. The Root Chakra is often associated with Kundalini, Shakti, and Ganesha

The beauty of this throw pillow design resembles a mandala lotus and it consists of the following elements:

-4 petals: four petals of the root chakra lotus symbolize 4 aspects of a human mind

-The downward-facing triangle within a square: The downward-facing triangle symbolizes the expansion and unfolding of our consciousness

-Seed mantra LAM लं symbol in the center: Lam is a one-syllable sound known as a bija, or "sees" mantra, and associated with the root chakra. It's vibration is said to activate this energy center

Get ready for the holidays with some chic and unique throw pillows. This red/orange chakra and mandala design really pops on the gray background, and adds a splash of color to your home. This premium feel pillow with a shape-retaining insert is is a great home decor accent piece!

***This pillow is reversible, with a different look on each side (see pictures)***

Goddess Swag™ is Swag for the Soul™

• 100% pre-shrunk polyester case• Fabric weight: 8.1 oz/yd² (275 g/m²)• Fabric with a linen feel• Hidden zipper• Machine-washable case• Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included (hand wash only)

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