The City Loo

Item Description

High-quality absorbent dog potty pads custom cut to fit perfectly in the odor-absorbing dog potty tray and the City Loo. Each potty pad is made with waterproof layers to prevent leakage and keep your City Loo dry and clean.

Dog potty pads are perfect for pets and humans who prefer a mess-free and one-time-use solution for dog potty time. 

*Can also be used with our City Loo artificial dog potty grass. Place underneath for extra absorbency and odor control. So your space stays clean and smells nice!

Potty Pad Size: 66cm x 45 cm. Weight: 38g. Absorption: 500ml.

Material: superabsorbent polymer, fluff pulp, polyethylene.

Includes 50 pads/per package order. Order your dog potty pads now! Save 10% when you subscribe to get it delivered to your door monthly.

4–6 week shipping date: Estimated shipment date of the first week of October 2022.