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Circcell Skincare

Circcell Skincare Products

Powerful botanicals and cutting edge bio-tech drive this clean, elegant, high performance brand. Created by an engineer to deliver dermatological grade performance through topically supporting circulation, the life giving engine driving all repair, rejuvenation and regenerative functions. Luxurious, sensual, highly effective formulations for those looking for real results and true performance.  


Skin experts Lorrie King & Celeste Lee were themselves in midlife when they found out that internal aging - hormone decline - is the primary cause of midlife wrinkles, dryness & dullness, so they created a high-performance, skincare line specifically for women 40+.

Caire’s Skincare for Grownups is a clinically proven, clean approach that restores collagen, hydration and firmness before, during & after menopause and was just awarded Best Midlife Hydrator 2023 by Oprah!


The LUNAESCENT touch-free skincare applicator is the perfect stocking stuffer for the loved one who has everything! Our (pat. pend.) applicator/massager is an innovative and multipurpose beauty tool that is designed specifically for effective and hygienic application of any type of skincare product, as well as massaging and depuffing without using fingertips. It saves money by preventing unwanted absorption of skincare into fingers/hands, prevents contamination of skincare, prevents degradation of active ingredients in skincare, and prolongs product's shelf-life.

Each LUNAESCENT applicator comes with two Platinum-grade (non-toxic) silicone pads. The pads are reusable, washable, nonporous, and long-lasting. LUNAESCENT elevates any skincare routine, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin. No fingers, No germs, No waste!


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