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Are you struggling to build real connection on video calls?  Feeling frustrated by conversations where the ideas you're sharing seems to get lost in translation? 

If you’re looking for ways to get your point across more effectively, generate buy-in, and use creative techniques to influence and collaborate with others -- this virtual workshop is for you.

In this interactive 1-hour session, Suzanne will focus on what good communication looks like and how to create messaging that is clear and compelling.  She makes it easy -- and fun -- to learn how to communicate effectively, especially within the constraints of our video meeting lives.  

Through this you’ll gain:

- Confidence in knowing how to craft concise messages that land on target

- Techniques to avoid undermining language and behaviors that dilute your messages

- Greater self-awareness of your presence and tools to navigate stressful conversations and environments

- Ability to inspire trust in different audiences while improving your listening skills

Participants will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from a partner in breakout rooms, where each person can experiment with techniques that build connection and confidence.  In real time, you’ll see the positive impact that small tweaks can make!

Upcoming workshop dates:

Tuesday, June 8th @10am Pacific

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