Wolfgang Puck Paper Coffee Pods

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Rise and Shine with your new favorite coffee ? ☕️

You will love having a perfectly brewed coffee at home in just 3 minuteswith these eco-friendly paper pods. 

This delicious, lightly foamed coffee will taste like a $5 cup from the coffee shop, but these pods will save you time and money! Each paper pod costs less than a dollar, uses less energy to brew and creates zero plastic waste. 

This collection from Wolfgang Puck coffees gives our people more options for a truly sustainable future with some organic and fair trade options.

Each 8-10 oz cup is brewed from individually wrapped single serve round paper pods (similar to a teabag).

Brewing is recommended with our suggested pod brewers.

Paper pods can also be steeped in hot or cold water for a larger batch with a longer brew time.

Choose from the following flavor profiles:

  • NOIR - EXTRA BOLD : Noir was specially crafted for the elite coffee connoisseur whom appreciates a very dark roast. Our boldest blend yet..
  • SOUTH PACIFIC DARK FAIR TRADE  ORGANIC - Dark : Featuring exotic beans from the tropical Pacific rim. Fair Trade Organic blend.
  • COLOMBIAN FAIR TRADE ORGANIC - Medium : A medium roast organic blend, created with the nest Colombian beans. Fair Trade Organic blend.
  • SORRENTO® - Medium : A well-balanced blend with a slight earthy flavor and rich aroma. Take a moment to simply enjoy the great avor and aroma of this Fair Trade blend.
  • SORRENTO® SWISS WATER PROCESS DECAF - Medium : A sweet and balanced blend with bright notes. Naturally decaffeinated through Swiss Water Processing..
  • HAWAIIAN HAZELNUT - FLAVORED : The flavor of rich coffee blended with tropical hazelnut, sure to delight the senses.

Choose 2 boxes for a 1 month supply of 32 pods or get a case with 96 pods once you know it's your favorite.