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"Wild Strawberries" is a limited edition linocut (Linoleum or relief print)
This is a limited edition of 100, and all are numbered, titled and signed in pencil.

I designed, carved, and individually hand-printed each one in my studio in Tacoma Washington.
This is not a digital reproduction. It is an original artwork and a hand-crafted product, each print may vary ever so slightly.

I have included a few photos of the process of creating this piece from concept drawing to print reveal. (Note: process shots have the bunnies facing right, finished prints face to the left. they flip to mirror image when printed.)

I spend a lot of time planning, thinking, sketching. I start with an idea that I am passionate about.

Inspiration came in the form of baby bunnies! Some dear friends sent photos of these sweet wild bunnies at their home. I was thinking that the bunnies would enjoy our alpine strawberries, and so the project began!

With some great reference photos of the bunnies, a basket full of beautiful alpine strawberries, and some clover, the drawing began. I wanted my little ones to be nestled in the long grass, one is shy and huddled under the strawberry leaves, while the other is a bit more adventurous and reaches up to snatch a berry.

I start with a sketch to define the image, re-draw it on the prepped linoleum block, and then begin my favorite part, carving the block!

I had so much fun carving this one! I love the contrasting textures of the grass, the furry bunnies, and the leaves and berries. As an added bonus, my studio smelled like strawberries and sunshine!

Paper: Somerset Satin, 250gsm, white (Slightly warm white)
Somerset® is a world leading traditional printmaking paper. Mould made from 100% cotton to high archival standards.

Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink

Paper is 15x12.5 inches inches
Image is 11.75x9.5 Inches
This is one of the largest prints I have done to date.
It frames up nicely in 16x20 frames with standard mats.
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