Wico Lab

Item Description

A 2-hour one-on-one consultation on Brand Strategy.

How it Works:

Brand Discovery Call - 1 hour
A revision of current brand personality, communication tactics, and current media. Understanding your needs and goals.
Brainstorming of your brand story.
I'll give you a template to work on your brand's main elements according to your goals, ideal customer, and product.

I'll revise it and suggest edits via email.

Creative Call - 1 hour:
Brainstorming of marketing messages for you to use with your brand communications.
Advice on how to apply your brand elements to actionable marketing tactics.

This can be done throughout one week.

As a result you'll have a starter for your brand strategy with you pointers for you to create marketing pieces for your brand.

Additional revisions and Q&A via email will be open for you to continue working on your Brand Strategy.

This is also a great package for brands with a strategy that needs to be revised or give it refreshed.


*If needed I can provide a full brand strategy service with the creation of a brand personality, brand voice guide and marketing and content tactics.