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Item Description

QUALITY: Our calming blanket is specifically designed to support your child with great sleep. Use during any season for boys or girls from toddler, to pre-k to elementary!

SMART: The construction of our sensory heavy weighted blanket provides gentle pressure and warmth which mimics the feeling of being held closely, swaddled and hugged. Our blanket is made up of 5 distinctly functioning layers that result in the most effective weighted blanket; it is divided into 120 separate compartments (4.5”x 4.5”) to provide the most even weight distribution and guarantees no bulking nor shifting of beads. The minky dots are great for kids that like to have sensory stimulation

ADORABLE: All our prints are unique to only us! You will not find them anywhere else. This weighted blanket is a fun pattern of large flowers and curious foxes for your little one to enjoy and calm down to; bright colors and beautiful designs. The perfect unique and functional gift that keeps giving all year long; use for naps, nighttime, rest time, break time, reading time, or story telling time. Bring in the car, for a sleepover, or on the airplane!

SIZE: Our calming weighted blanket measures 55 inches x 42 inches, weighs 5lb and is perfect for children between 40-60lbs according to research. The blanket is inconspicuously divided into 120 small compartments to provide an even distribution of glass beads and therefore allows for a more comfortable sleep or rest. Our high-quality sewing technology ensures durability for little hands and feet.

SUPPORT: Thank you for supporting our certified women and disabled veteran owned small business from Michigan. Our blankets are designed and created by a sister partner duo, a state-level award winning educator and an Army veteran.

Our premium kids weighted blankets are carefully designed and crafted to give your child restful sleep. Your little one will cuddle up with this soft adorable blanket and get the rest he or she deserves. Our designs are unique to us and kids absolutely love them! 5 separate functional layers make up the body of the blanket. Each layer is a unique material that functions to allow breathability, prevent bead movement and spillage, provide padding and softness for absolute comfort, and offer your child a soft, warm and fun outer blanket. The blanket dimensions are 55 inches x 42 inches and the weight is 5 pounds, perfect for the couch or their bedroom. This makes them perfect for kiddos between 40-60lbs. Weighted blankets help keep your little one grounded and calm, use them at home or while traveling for everyday support, as a weighted lap pad, or whatever you see fit. Choose a weighted blanket that is around 10 percent of your child’s body weight, though see what works best for them. Care instructions. Machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Do not iron. Do not use bleach.