Item Description

This TikTok-famous bath faucet attachment turns your bathtub into your favorite sex toy! Available in 4 colors. Comes with a Happy Sock for plush storage. To be more eco-friendly, the WaterSlyde no longer comes with a retail box.


The WaterSlyde is a revolutionary patented water diverter that easily attaches to a bathtub faucet to comfortably deliver a hypnotic flow of water to the midline of the tub -- right where it counts. For many women, the rush of water over their sensitive body parts was their first pleasure experience. At some point, however, it is no longer comfortable to practice "bathtub yoga." Enter the body-safe, hands-free WaterSlyde: it solves for every problem associated with bath-time faucet masturbation...and more!

Unique Feeling of Water

Designed to give you and your V a new, unique pleasure sensation while simply enjoying a bath! Water masturbation (aka fauceting or bathturbation) delivers a natural, deeper, slower pleasure journey -- a gentle, body-safe alternative to our non-stop, rush-through-everything culture. The pulse of the water feels like everlasting oral, and the rhythm and sensation of water are never the same, offering multiple speeds and a variety of pressures and temperatures. Cosmo calls the Bathtub Technique "a seriously hot solo position...one of the best masturbation positions for women."

Your BFF with Benefits

  • Body-Safe - Just plain H2O to wash and stimulate your vulva
  • Water Delivered Right To Your Vulva - No more scooting or bathtub yoga
  • Pleasure From Arousal To Orgasm - You decide how far to go
  • Hands-Free & Disability-Friendly - Lay back, let the water do the rest (no batteries required!)
  • All The Power You Need - You decide the water pressure, let gravity do its thing
  • Inclusive - Use it solo or with a partner



The WaterSlyde measures 16" long, 5" high, and 2.75" wide. It comes with both a black self-gripping ribbon and a velcro strap to make it easy to attach. You'll also receive a Happy Sock storage bag made of soft coral fleece to dry off your WaterSlyde and for easy, discreet storage. All colors of the WaterSlyde are now made from 100% medical-grade, post-consumer resin (PCR in eco-lingo), meaning that it's made from body-safe recycled materials and is itself recyclable. We'll be shipping the WaterSlyde without any unnecessary retail packaging (in a sleeker, discreet shipping box).  More good news for the planet!

The WaterSlyde works with most forward-facing bathtub faucets. If you're not satisfied with the WaterSlyde for any reason, you may return it for a refund or store credit. Restrictions apply.


1. Set The Stage

2. Attach It To Your Faucet

3. Get Comfortable

4. Play With The Water Pressure & Temperature

5. Do It With A Partner

6. Until Next Time: A Happy Sock To Clean & Store Your Fav Toy


  • Body-safe. OB/GYN approved.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic. Recyclable. Package-free (unless requested).
  • Hands-free. Disability-friendly
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Ships discreetly