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Butterfly pea flower tea is known throughout Asia for its beautiful color and antioxidants. We're excited to share with you three delicious flavors we have created:

  • INDULGE: This floral note tea is luxury in a cup with organic strawberry green tea, organic rose petals and butterfly pea flowers.
  • EXPLORE: With spicy notes, this tea is a taste of adventure with organic lemongrass, organic ginger and butterfly pea flowers.
  • ALOHA: Inspired by the islands, this tropical note tea includes organic mango white tea, coconut, butterfly pea flowers, organic pineapple and organic papaya.


The sampler tea set includes four tea sachets in each flavor canister. These sampler sets make great gifts and the box is beautiful on its own, so just put a bow on it and share the gift of wonder!* 


Celebrating our Launch!

We're selling this sampler tea set as part of our initial launch with free standard shipping. We will add new products (including larger sizes) as we grow. Try all three flavors and let us know your favorite!

For more details about the tea, click here for our Q&A page. 


*Bows not included

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