Darling Spring

Item Description

Do you know those winter evenings, when the snow is falling, the fire is crackling, the tree is decorated, and everything just feels a little cozier? It would be magical if we could harness that feeling and open it whenever we need it most throughout the year. With this Sweet Orange Cardamom Drinking Chocolate, it feels like that magic ambiance has been captured.

A sweet orange essence and a lingering spice all mixed perfectly within a rich and smooth drinking chocolate. This vegan Sweet Orange Cardamom Drinking Chocolate provides a flavor completely unique to chocolates but also brings a feeling of nostalgia and floods you with memories. Create new stories to tell as you share this drinkable dessert with your nearest and dearest.

Zimt Chocolates was founded in 2011 to share delicious vegan and ethically grown and harvested chocolate products. Every ingredient used is organic and every wrapper is compostable - a completely guilt-free dessert! Zimt Chocolates is committed to growing and creating a positive change and generating sales to support those who are most vulnerable.

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