Darling Spring

Item Description

Creamy, melted chocolate with a bold, peppermint flavor. Something this delicious can never be seasonal. Enjoy this rich Peppermint Drinking Chocolate all year round when you need a cheery, chocolatey pick-me-up! The smooth cacao and peppermint flavor will immediately bring you light and happiness from the inside out.It's time to upgrade your dessert to a premium vegan drinking chocolate. Mix well with your favorite dairy-free milk and pour into a glass or mug. This drinking chocolate can be enjoyed hot or chilled and pairs perfectly with cakes, fruit, or vegan ice cream. Share with your friends for an unforgettable dessert that will leave them in awe. This drinking chocolate is the ultimate guilt-free treat!Zimt Chocolates was founded in 2011 and has been serving up vegan, sustainable, and fair-trade chocolates ever since. The cacao used is ethically grown and harvested, the packaging is compostable, and everything is completely vegan. Zimt is committed to growing and creating a positive change and is leading the way one chocolate product at a time. So what do you say, are you ready to drink your dessert?

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