Darling Spring

Item Description

Every great meal deserves a finale and this luxurious drinking chocolate is the ultimate show stopper. In fact, it's reasonable to say that this is the best drinking chocolate ever. Break this out after a meal with great friends to share a dessert that's truly one-of-a-kind.

Zimt Chocolates was founded to create amazing vegan chocolates that not only taste great but also provide an eco-friendly source of cacao. Simply blend with your favorite vegan milk, pour into a large glass, and enjoy! Pair this creamy drinkable dessert alongside vegan ice cream, with fruit, or enjoy by itself. You'll enjoy every single sip.

Created in 2011, Zimt has been providing us with premium vegan, eco-friendly, and fair-trade chocolate. Each chocolate item is wrapped in compostable packaging so you can indulge completely guilt-free. Their goal is to do as little harm as possible and do as much good as possible, all while providing us with tasty treats!

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