Dirty Cookie

Item Description

Guilt-free? More like gluten-free and vegan! These gourmet cookie pleasures do exist with our amazing double chocolate vegan cookie shots!

If you need a comforting little treat, then these vegan gluten free Double Chocolate Cookie Shots are all you’ll need to cure your sweet tooth.

Taste the chocolate soft and chewy sensation in these delicious cookie shots! You won't even miss the gluten because these cookie bites are so rich and chocolatey. Fulfilling, fun, and original chocolate treats for anyone and everyone. All you’ve got to do is fill and enjoy!

Enjoy immediately upon arrival. No decorating & no baking required! Just sip, bite, and delight in the moments that matter most.

What you’ll get

A half a dozen cookie assortment includes:

  • 6 Double Chocolate Vegan and Gluten Free Cookie Shots

Note: 6 cookie shots with sprinkles per half dozen gift box.

Did You Know? 

  • All of our products are certified Kosher.
  • These cookie shots do not contain nuts. However, we do use shared equipment and operate in a facility that handles nuts and tree nuts. 

Processing & Shipping

Please allow 3 days for processing and 2 days for shipping to get your Dirty Cookie assortment on time.