Darling Spring

Item Description

Cinnamon Spice and all things nice! This is the drinking chocolate that makes you feel... alive! Perfectly balanced, spicy, and sweet, this gorgeous chocolate drink is perfect for those extra chilly days. Pour a glass for yourself and a friend, indulge completely guilt-free!

Zimt Chocolates sources ethically grown and harvested cacao to create the ultimate drinking chocolate so you can indulge with a clear conscience. Enjoy fireside with a good book or share with a friend. This dessert pairs well with vegan ice cream, biscottis, or cake. Are you ready to drink your dessert?

Since 2011, Zimt has taken over the vegan drinking chocolate industry by storm. Creating unforgettable flavors that are fair-trade and packaged sustainably. Everything is completely vegan and organic. Zimt Chocolates is a women-owned business that is committed to growing and creating a positive change. These extra steps create a difference you can truly taste.

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