NoMo Bands

Item Description

Motion Sickness Relief that works in seconds & is doctor recommended!

Do you feel like you have been searching how to stop nausea from travel? You've found the solution "NO MORE NAUSEA". Our 3:1 soothing cool peppermint scent infused complimentary & alternative medicine wristband is waterproof, stylish,  wristband in multiple colors. Side effect free.

Color: Pink Black Blue

Quantity: 3 packages Two per package

Size: Petite-Small/Large

Details: Latex-Free, Waterproof, Stylish

Adult bands are made for wrists larger than 6.25 inches around. They are 2 inches in diameter and stretch to a diameter of 6 inches. Adult bands are ideal for medium to large wrists.

NoMo Nausea Bands are perfectly formulated to stop early pregnancy sickness, constant morning sickness, all day morning sickness, pregnancy vomiting, and the best relief for how to get over morning sickness. Morning sickness relief is not the only advantage of our tan colored NoMo Nausea Band, it is also great for motion sickness, sea sickness, car sickness, air sickness, vertigo, cancer nausea, and more. 

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