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This Utagawa Hiroshige woodblock print, Descending Geese at Katada is one of the series Eight Views of Omi. It is nicely matted in a bamboo frame.  The prior owner has mistakenly labeled the woodblock with the title of another view in the series, as shown on the backing of the frame.

The age of this re-strike is unknown, however, it is believed from the early 20th century. It could possibly be older. I did not want to damage the framing to determine if there was any other script on the borders of the woodblock. There is no discernible damage to the woodblock or framing. At the very bottom edge of the woodblock there appears to be old glue residue. (You must look carefully to see it.)

The woodblock in the frame measures 18.5 inches tall and 13.25 inches wide.

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