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Having served Greater New Orleans since 1938 with a mission to assist underserved communities in securing economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights, the Urban League expanded to a statewide entity in 2016, becoming the Urban League of Louisiana (ULLA). That expansion began in East Baton Rouge Parish and plans to continue throughout the state.

Even after 80 years,  the organization is still relevant in its mission of focusing programs to ensure quality education and access to information, employment, entrepreneurial and economic inclusion opportunities, and shared dignity under the law. ULLA provides services to citizens through programs housed in three essential Centers of Excellence, which take a holistic approach to addressing issues that concern low to moderate-income families: The Center of Education and Youth Development, the Center of Workforce and Economic Development, and the Center of Policy and Social Justice.


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Address: 4640 S. Carrollton Ave. STE 210 New Orleans, LA 70119

Phone:  504-620-2332



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