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CBD Topical Bundle| Body Oil and Body Lotion | Plant-based to soothe and moisturize with CBD and essential oil | 1 oz/30 ml and 2 oz/59 ml, glass bottles

SOOTHES YOUR BODY: 300 mg/ ounce of CBD Isolate helps soothe your body (THC free).


Body Oil (300 mg CBD) soothes, moisturizes, relaxes for when you want an oil. Also add to bath.

Body Lotion (600 mg CBD) soothes, moisturizes, relaxes for when you want a lotion.

GENTLY MOISTURIZES: Essential oils with mango butter nourish and moisturize. Rub on your body and immediately feel the difference.

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  Designed to be safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean living journey. Indulge both body and mind naturally.

NONTOXIC: Our safe and original formulas have the perfect combination of CBD and other ingredients to soothe your body. No chemical fragrance.

EASY TO USE: Use in daily body care routine. Rub oil or lotion on your body where it needs soothing. Best while skin is moist after a warm bath or shower. Both will be quickly absorbed leaving your skin soft and healthy.

SMELLS LIKE FRESH LIME:  Scented with lime essential oil, provides a subtle natural scent that leaves you relaxed, soft and glowing.

"I love the CBD oil. I use it on my arthritic hands every morning." Terry, New Jersey

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how incredible the CBD worked for my mom's arthritis, my cousin's carpel tunnel and my aunt's joint pains." Theresa, Berwyn PA.


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