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These are our best selling pencils in bright pretty colors with. Will brighten your desk and keep you smiling, even when taking notes during a boring meeting.

This listing is for 24 pencils. They say:

bend and snap

bruiser woods

I object!

I can handle anything

these aren't last season

what, like it's hard?

I <3 Clueless

she's a monet

we're going to melrose

you're a virgin who can't drive

ugh, as if

rolling with the homies

i'm getting cheese fries

on wednesdays we wear pink

the limit does not exist

her hair is full of secrets

we should totally stab ceasar

that's so fetch

you go, glenn coco

i know, right

I'm a cool mom

you're like, really pretty

she doesn't even go here

Not sharpened

standard #2 lead

non latex erasers

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