Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan

Item Description

Tzatziki is a fresh yogurt dip traditionally served as part of a Greek mezé appetizer plate or as a refreshing sauce for grilled meat. With Sparoza’s new Greek Granny's Tzatziki Mix, one of Sparoza’s new whimsically-designed “Greek Cuisine Classics”, you can easily whip up this typical Greek dip any time - it even includes a tzatziki recipe you can use (but it's ok to say that your yiayia passed it down to you!).

The conveniently stackable tub contains a uniquely handcrafted mix of herbs and spices that lets you make up to 35 bowls of tzatziki or other dips with each pack. Every tub comes with a simple tzatziki recipe and, importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors nor colorants. The pack is made from recycled carton for a sustainable, all-natural gift for any cook.

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