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A child of the 1970s, Terry Sidford didn’t realize she was born into an unhappy marriage until the age of five, when drinking tore the family apart. In an attempt to escape her mother’s issues with alcohol, Terry and her sister run away from home one night to join their alternative-lifestyle father, in the hope that they might find some adult stability. Thus begins Terry's unconventional "Wonder Years," in which she endures an absentee mom, teenage self-improvement bootcamp, and an educational system that misdiagnoses her sensitivity and intuitiveness as learning disabilities. Join speaker, author and popular life coach Terry Sidford on her journey, in which she shares the secrets of how to use your worst experiences to become the best version of yourself.

Praise for Truth. Courage. Love.

"My heart opened while reading Terry’s down-to-earth prose. I felt myself rooting for her as the heroine in her compelling and unique true story, while simultaneously relating and seeing my own possibilities. I was profoundly inspired." 

— Jill Orschel, Documentary Filmmaker

"Yet again, Terry Sidford shows us how to successfully live an authentic life. Her story has motivated me to step into my own best self, and provides the inspiration we all need to start our own journeys toward truth, courage, and love." 

— Trish Walker, author of Oh, Honey, I’m Just Getting Started, Consciously Create Your Next Decade

"In the book truth. Courage. Love. Terry Sidford takes us through her past experiences in life and how she overcame them through forgiveness and love. If anyone is looking for a read on how to overcome adversity and actually thrive Through it, this is your book. It’s inspiring to read about the positive mindset she chose during such difficult trials. Terry is one of the most loving and encouraging people I know and I hope everyone reads her book." 

— Karla Olson