Item Description

TOKII is a innovative toothbrush for the Modern Health Conscious Woman!

It comes with an Attached Sliding Tongue Scraper, a Hygienic holder &

a Waterproof Travel Pouch.

Please choose color (Black or White) 


  • Scrapes away the gunk, bacteria, toxins, debris, white coating or volatile Sulphur compounds that rest on the deep crevices of your tongue with its sliding half-moon shaped tongue scraper that fits perfectly well in your mouth. ADA recommends using soft bristles to reduce the chance of damage to enamel and gums.

  • Reduces Bad Breath also called Halitosis & Cavities due to food deposits on your tongue that may lead to tooth decay or gum disease.  90% of bad breath comes from the back of your mouth so get rid of it and feel the freshness in your mouth.

  • Facilitates and Aids in Boosting the Immune System: by preventing the debris from getting reabsorbed in the body. Brushing your tongue will push a lot of the gunk into the back of the tongue.

  • Improves Ability to Taste: A clean tongue quickly identifies sweet, bitter, sour, salty and savory flavors resulting in faster satiety.

  • Reduce Stains from tea, coffee, smoking etc:

  • The soft bamboo charcoal bristles facilitate in removal of plaque build-up on teeth caused by contaminants as tea, coffee, smoking etc. leaving the teeth sparkling white and clean.

TOKII Features include the following:

  • Ease and Convenience of Use: The two in one combination helps take care of brushing teeth and cleaning tongue in one oral device. No need for separate tongue scrapers and toothbrush now that you have both in one.

  • No Metal 100% Rust Proof: The scientifically designed scraper fits just well in your mouth. You won’t get the tingling sensation like a metal scraper.

  • Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soft Bristles: These absorb the tannins that bind to the teeth and cause stains. Facilitates plaque removal and leaves teeth sparkling white!

  • Hygienic Holder: TOKII rests elegantly on this custom designed stand that prevents the scraper from surface contamination.