Vashon Coffee Dust

Item Description

The Vashon Island Coffee Dust Sampler, a treasure trove of enchanting flavors, fit for the most discerning coffee connoisseur! This dainty box contains 72 servings of pure delight. But that's not all; this marvelous sampler includes a gleaming stainless steel 1/8 tsp spoon, a trusty guide to measure out your daily dose of Coffee Dust with precision.

Inside this box of dreams, you'll find six mystical flavors:

Gingerbread Dream: Sip on the essence of a cozy holiday season, where gingerbread houses come to life.

Hot Momma Elixir: A spicy enchantress that will warm your soul with a hint of sultry cocoa and a dash of fiery cayenne.

Captain's Brew: Embark on a seafaring adventure with this bold combo, as rich as the captain's tales, and as mysterious as the depths of the ocean.

Spicy Papa's Secret: A dash of secret spices blended with love and care by the coffee elves; this one's a taste of nostalgia and family secrets.

Cocoa Calm: An oasis of serenity in a cup, where the soothing whispers of cocoa and gentle lavender bring tranquility to your mornings.

Healthful Harmony: An elixir that combines the goodness of cinnamon with the healing properties of herbs like turmeric, black pepper and ginger.