Time and Tide Coffee

Item Description

We roast this coffee on the light side of medium to highlight the natural flavor potential within. This allows the the red berry flavor to shine. As it cools a floral aroma will push through, along with some black tea flavor, characteristic of Sidamo coffee.

Notes of berry, peach, floral

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. So its fitting this heirloom varietal from the Sidamo region, named by our import partner Keffa Coffee, is called Ardipithecus ramidus, after an early fossil discovered in the region. We love to work with Keffa, as they have deep relationships with small producers in Ethiopia, which allows them to import consistently great coffees. 

Our Ethiopia Ardi is produced on small farms by famers who bring their harvest to the local mill where it is dried via natural processing methods and meticulously sorted. The drying process starts with the coffee spread onto raised beds, where it is rotated every thirty minutes to ensure a uniform drying of every bean. From the raised beds, it’s moved to patios where it spends two to three days drying under the sun, monitored closely for moisture level within the bean. The dried coffee is then sorted by hand, each bean undergoing intense scrutiny. Only beans with zero defects make it through.