Darling Spring

Item Description

A bowl with a story to tell. Every item in your home should be purchased with intention, to create a personalized environment and a place where you enjoy each second of your day. A place to bring guests, where they can learn all there is to know about you without speaking a word.The slow design style allows for a more unique, detailed and honest design process, and it's the ultimate expression of authenticity. What appears as a simple and delicate bowl placed upon your shelf actually has a story of its own. Its own uniqueness and its own history. By inviting it into your space, you become a part of the story and it allows for conversation about sustainable living, slow design, and honest intentions.Bibol combines Vietnamese traditions and sustainable development to make minimal and one-of-a-kind bamboo kitchen products. They are the only company with truly 100% natural, food-safe & handmade bamboo wares in Vietnam. The care process for each bowl allows you to slow down and spend more time in the moment. The process is just as valuable as the food it holds.

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