Sunsum® Intentional Living

Item Description

It is inspired by the temperate forest and rainforest of America, where nature is fertile, renewing and resilient.

Use the kit to make your own holiday ornament, potpourri basket or table centerpiece. Add a few drops of Sunsum® Diffuser Oils to add fragrance to the dried flowers in the kit.

The Temperate Forest, Serenity Kit pairs well these Sunsum® Diffuser Fragrance Oils : Ice Storm, Timeless Musk, Earthy Goods, No. 1 - Kingdom, No. 2 - Foundation

The Stone & Metal Chickadees are handmade from serpentine stone and recycled metal by an artist in Zimbabwe. 

The Soapstone Reindeers are hand carved by Kenyan artisans from soft Kisii soapstone, then hand dyed and etched.

Each kit contains :

  • 5 - 6 Mini Pine Cones
  • 1 oz - 2 oz Preserved Cedar Tips 
  • 1/2 oz - 1 oz Reindeer Moss (White Lichen)
  • 1 Ornament or 1 Sola Wood Flower