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Healthy weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but the teas in the Belly Fat Tea Bundle: Bye Bye, Bloat Tea and Sleek & Slender, can help you on your way to a flatter tummy by reducing bloating, improving digestion, and boosting the metabolism.

Bye Bye, Bloat Tea is caffeine-free, and contains a blend of tummy-loving botanicals to ease feelings of gas and bloating after eating. The flavor is refreshing and minty, perfect for enjoying after a heavy meal. 

Sleek & Slender Tea contains a special blend of herbs and botanicals that have been shown in studies to get rid of sugar cravings, reduce bloating, increase fat burning, and promote energy and alertness.

For best results:

Drink a cup of Sleek & Slender Tea before breakfast and lunch to kickstart your metabolism and stimulate healthy digestion. Sleek & Slender Tea has a slight amount of caffeine, so it is best to enjoy this flavorful tea earlier in the day to fire up your system. It is recommended to avoid sweetening this tea.

The best time to enjoy a cup of Bye Bye, Bloat Tea is after meals to soothe gas and bloating so that your tummy looks and feels flatter. Because this tea is completely caffeine-free, you can drink it any time of the day or evening. Bye Bye, Bloat Tea not only soothes the stomach, it also helps relieve stress.

Bye Bye, Bloat Tea ingredients: Peppermint*, Anise*, Fennel*, Cardamom*, Chamomile*, Ginger*  (*certified organic)

Sleek & Slender Tea ingredients: White Tea*, Cinnamon*, Peppermint*, Dandelion root*, Garcinia*, Ginger*, Fennel*, Papaya leaf*, Chickweed*, Gymnema*  (*certified organic)

*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose or cure a medical issue, or replace professional medical care. If you are pregnant or nursing, are under the care of a physician, or on prescription medication, talk to your health care provider before making any changes to your diet or routine.

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