Darling Spring

Item Description

A simple bowl for a simple salad. Let the calming environment encourage natural conversation. Whether that's around the breakfast table sharing goals for the day, a quick lunch meet up with a friend, or evening meals discussing gratitude and highs of the day. All good conversation starts around a meal.

These handmade bamboo bowls are great for healthy salads, yummy side dishes, or ice cream sundaes. Leave them on open shelving to bring a light and airy design to your kitchen space or let them bring a smile to your face each time you open your cupboards.

Bibol makes kitchen products sustainably and with traditional Vietnamese methods. Each bowl brings a story of its own, a story of intention, slow design, and the importance of quality products. With proper care, these bowls can last lifetimes. Sustainability is growing in importance and Bibol products are here to solve some of those problems one bowl at a time. When you purchase handmade items, you're purchasing something much larger than the item itself.

This generous and timeless salad bowl can contain salad, pasta, or any type of dish. Serve easily with Pine Needle salad servers.

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