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Herbal Tea To Kick The Sugar Habit

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Sugarproof Tea is a blend of botanicals that do some remarkable things:

  • It blocks your ability to taste the sweet flavor for approximately 20 minutes
  • When drunk regularly, Sugarproof Tea will reduce your cravings for sweets

Use Sugarproof Tea in two ways.

  • #1 Use the tea as a pattern interruptor. When you're craving a cookie or your favorite dessert, drink a cup of Sugarproof first, making sure to swish the tea around your mouth before swallowing. Because the sweet flavor will be reduced by at least 75%, the sweet treat will no longer be enjoyable.
  • #2 Drink the tea on a regular basis to reduce your desire for sugary foods and drinks on a more permanent basis


Gymnema sylvestre*, Jamaica sabdariffa*, Cinnamomum lauerii*, Mentha piperita* (*certified organic)

Caffeine levels: none

Tasting notes: pleasantly tart, with cinnamon

Brewing instructions:

Steep a teaspoon of Sugarproof Tea in a cup of hot water for 5 - 7 minutes. Do Not Sweeten!

Swish the tea around in your mouth before swallowing to coat your tastebuds.

An excellent companion tea to Sugarproof is sleek & slender, an energizing tea blend that promotes healthy weight and blood sugar balance. Drink sleek & slender earlier in the day (sleek & slender contains slight caffeine) and switch to Sugarproof later in the day.

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