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Item Description

The OG flavors have joined forces! 

The timeless flavor meets our gooey texture and presents you with a cookie experience like no other. 

The sweet and salty edge of the chocolate chip cookies, stuffed with the rich Nutella spread is the perfect staple for a sweet and simple dessert. Made for your everyday indulgence, an effortless centerpiece on your dessert table, or a sure-to-impress gift with its timeless flavor. 

What you’ll get 

Each half dozen assortment includes :

Six 3.5 oz Chocolate Chip Stuffed with Nutella 

Did you know that 

  • These cookies contain nuts. We operate using shared equipment and operate in a facility that handles nuts and tree nuts.
  • All of our products are certified Kosher.
  • No flavor substitutions are in this assortment, it’s perfect as is!  

Processing & Shipping

Due to incredibly high demand, please allow 5-7 business days for this product to ship. 

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