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This product is 6 jars of Sauce Goddess Smoke-free BBQ sauces. 3 jars of the mild Sticky Sweet flavor and 3 jars of the Sweet & Spicy Cayenne flavor. All our sauces are Certified Gluten Free, low sodium, fat free and Vegan. They have no additives or flavorings, MSG, or GMOs.

Sticky Sweet Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce is a mild thick sauce with brown sugar and no liquid smoke. Create an unforgettable sticky glaze on ribs, chicken, salmon, and anything wrapped in bacon.

Sweet & Spicy Cayenne Grilling Sauce is our three-time award winner! This sauce has a sneaky heat with sweet brown and then the cayenne chile pepper comes along and wakes up your tastebuds! It’s delicious on ribs, chicken, shrimp, sloppy joes, wings or vegetables.

6 pack

  • 3-15 oz jars of Sticky Sweet
  • 3-14.6 oz jars of Sweet & Spicy

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