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Item Description

If any of these statements describes the vibe, then Smooth Jazz might be the perfect tea to start feeling amazing again

  • Looking for a way out of a coffee obsession
  • Sick of feeling jittery and wired from caffeine, but still need energy in the morning
  • Need a bit of a detox or cleanse
  • Feeling run down
  • Hair isn't as soft and shiny as it used to be

This dark, rich brew is 100% caffeine free, but is so smooth and satisfying, you will love it for its own sake. Made with roasted chicory root, cacao, dandelion, and an amazing Chinese tonic herb called he shou wu, Smooth Jazz nourishes your body and provides natural fuel with zero jitters. This wonderful concoction is also really good for the hair.


Cacao nibs*, He Shou Wu*, Roasted Chicory root*, Dandelion root*, Nettle leaf*, Roasted Dandelion root*, Cinnamon*, organic vanilla flavor* (certified organic)

Caffeine levels: none

Tasting notes: coffee-like, with chocolate and vanilla; the flavor is like coffee with a fun creamer in it

Brewing instructions:

Steep a spoonful of Smooth Jazz in a cup of hot water for 5 to 8 minutes. Enjoy the robust flavor au naturel or add a pinch of coconut sugar to add sweetness and depth.

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