Darling Spring

Item Description

There is one thing that everyone around the world has in common - we celebrate with food! To bring food is a gesture of love. To gather around the table brings a sense of community. All milestones, achievements, and good news are deserving of gathering and celebrating together. This large Bamboo Serving Bowl is created to do just that - celebrate! This handmade and food-safe serving bowl will be here to celebrate all the good times with you. Attached to the bowl will be memories and stories that will last for years to come. The Bibol Salad Bowls are highly sustainable and provide a classy and chic design. They'll look elegant on your table no matter what design phase you are in. This generous and timeless salad bowl can contain salad, pasta, or any type of dish. It's not just great for serving but looks beautiful on your countertops holding citrus or other fruits. The lightweight bamboo products from Bibol are pieces you'll want to keep for many years. Bibol makes kitchen products sustainably and with traditional Vietnamese methods.

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