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Discover for yourself the alluring, thirst-quenching power a simple splash of Siren Shrub provides any drink. Play around with the flavors; make similar drinks with different shrubs and see which pairings you fancy most. Be brave with your shrubs. The possibilities are endless.


3 - 16 oz bottles in a gift box that includes recipes || Each bottle makes 12-16 drinks


Featured Flavors:


Basil Siren Shrub || Fragrant, fresh, and irritatingly likable || Made with basil grown at Whitefeather Organics

Siren Shrub Co's favorite spirit pairing: Gin


Maple Ginger Siren Shrub || Zingy, complex, and perfectly balanced || Made with Tapped Maple Syrup

Siren Shrub Co's favorite spirit pairing: Tequila


Door County Tart Cherry Siren Shrub || Tart, juicy, and oh so refreshing || Made with cherries grown at Seaquist Orchards

Siren Shrub Co's favorite spirit pairing: Whiskey

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