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The Press Ritual, Perfected. 


The quest for effortless, café quality coffee at home is how Simpli Press was born.


Simpli Press combines the timeless qualities of a French press with modern-day innovation to achieve a flavorful smooth brew and make cleanup a breeze. 

The double laser-etched filter gives you an ultrasmooth cup of coffee without the grounds and grit. And the removable coffee basket will let you easily empty the used grounds right into a compost bucket. Pre-measured lines on the carafe and coffee basket take the guesswork out of brewing. Highest quality materials (stainless steel, food-grade silicone, and borosilicate glass) for a pure brew and ritual.


With the Simpli Press, you can customize your morning brew just how you like it, playing with grind size and roast until your cup is as unique as you are. 


Coffee with a Cause! Simpli Press donates 10% of net profits from every purchase to support women and girls in coffee and innovation.

Ready to treat yourself with your new coffee ritual? 

Size: 34 Ounces

Material: Stainless Steel, Food Grade Silicone, And Borosilicate Glass.

Dishwasher Safe


  • Customizable, Flavorful Brew

  • Free Of Grit - Smooth Brew

  • Easy Cleanup

  • 3 Minute Brew Time

  • Pre-measured brewing lines

  • No Plastics

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