Simple Routines by Kate

Item Description

  • You can have your kids up and out the door in the morning - dressed, fed, and with all their supplies - without losing your mind!
  • Putting the kids to bed at night has never been easier. In as little as 20 minutes you can guide them through this routine, tuck them in bed and get them to stay there. This kit will teach you how!
  • Bath times are fun again! Following these simple steps will teach your kids to get the work done first and then have time to play - giving you a few minutes to relax.

You love your kids, but they're sucking the life out of you!


Like you, I have spent many mornings running from task to task, exhausting myself before the day even started and not actually accomplishing anything. I know how it feels when it takes an hour or even two hours to get the kids in bed - leaving you worn out with no time to recharge. 


That is why I created the Super Mornings & Stress-Free Bedtimes Kit!


This Home Organization Kit gives you 3 Simple Routines - 5 steps each - to get your Mornings, Bedtimes, and Bath Times under control. 


In this 1/2" binder you will receive:

-Psychologically sound parenting principles to put you in control of your kids and your time

-Worksheets for individualized schedules that will work for your unique family

-A task list for morning activities that children as young as 2 years old can accomplish

-A specific plan for getting your older kids motivated and following a morning routine without your supervision - in 6 weeks or less!

-A bedtime schedule that will have your kids in bed in as little as 20 minutes - and a way to teach them to stay there!

-A bath time routine that shows you how to set behavioral expectations while giving your child time to play and giving you some time to relax


All this plus:

-Morning Checklist for your young child

-Morning Checklist for your older child

-Wind Down Sweep Flow Chart

-Rewards Chart

-Hand-Drawn Rewards Stickers


You shouldn't have to spend all your energy getting your family out the door in the morning or back in bed at night. Follow the Super Mornings, Stress-Free Bedtimes Plan and enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing you've got everything under control!