Simple Routines by Kate

Item Description

Tired of trying to decide what to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day? Does every meal feel like a hodgepodge of microwaved junk food? Do you wish you could make your kids healthy, well-balanced meals but just don't have the time?

Check out this Meal Planning Kit from Simple Routines by Kate!

This 1/2" Binder gives you everything you need to:
-Follow the 5 Simple Steps Kate outlines in her Simple Routine to make meal planning easy and satisfying.
-Use the Meal Planning Worksheets to create menus your family enjoys and your kids will actually eat!
-Incorporate the included Grocery Shopping templates to take the guesswork out of grocery shopping and eliminate impulse purchases.
-Get inspired by the 3 Sample Menus Kate uses for her family.
-Decorate and display your weekly menu using Kate's hand-drawn foodie stickers, OR
-Keep your menu in its included sheet protector and create your meal plan using a dry erase marker so you can use the worksheets again and again!

And as a bonus: Make quick work of restocking your cabinets and prepping your fruits and veggies with Kate's Simple Routine for Putting Groceries Away!

Size: 1/2" Binder 11.5"H x 9.75"W
Weight: 2lbs, 5 oz
Disclaimer: Kate is not a nutritionist and does not give nutritional advice. All food choices are up to the individual making the menu. Kate's sample menus are personal menus, not meant for nutritional advice.