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There is no better way to educate on tough subjects than using powerful art and soft humor. Storytelling has reached a new height with author Bridget Quinn and her report on women's suffrage and history.'She Votes: How U.S. Women Won Suffrage, and What Happened Next' by Bridget Quinn, Foreword by Nell Irvin Painter is a quick and witty read with beautiful visuals to capture you through the process. 'She Votes' is an intersectional story of the women who won suffrage, and those who have continued to raise their voices for equality ever since. From the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation to the first woman to wear pants on the Senate floor, author Bridget Quinn shines a spotlight on the women who broke down barriers. This deluxe book also honors the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment with illustrations by 100 women artists. 'She Votes' is the perfect gift for feminists of all ages and genders who want to learn more about the 19th amendment and the journey to equal representation. Not only is it incredibly insightful but it also holds powerful and striking art. It makes a great addition to any bookshelf or coffee table to inspire conversation or creativity. We still have a long way to go when it comes to women's rights but this book is a powerful reminder of how far we have come.

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