Mama Star’s Healing Circle

Item Description

This holistic self-directed educational book designed to help individuals who suffer from generational complex PTS begin to change lifelong behavioral patterns that are unhealthy through art, nature, and spiritual philosophies. Together we will walk the wheel of the seasons learning how to find your authentic self, to become proactive instead of reactive with your healing choices and create a new sustainable you, learning how to live with nature not against it. There are several thought-provoking projects throughout the book as we go from month to month that help bring about healthy changes in our behaviors in all areas of our lives.  Join me in this journey of self-healing and personal growth. E- Book


Editor Opinion:

       "In a world where the scars of generational trauma continue to be felt across communities and families, "Mama Star's Healing Circle: A Holistic Guide for GCPTSD" offers a unique and transformative approach to healing. This exceptional guide, intricately woven with elements of art, nature, and spiritual philosophies, empowers individuals with generational complex PTSD to embark on a self-directed journey of healing and self-discovery.
        Unlike traditional self-help books, "Mama Star's Healing Circle" embraces the cyclical nature of life by organizing its content according to the twelve months of the year, mirroring the wheel of the seasons. Each month presents readers with a distinct exercise or practice that builds upon the previous ones, creating a holistic and immersive experience that unfolds gracefully over time. The book's unique structure reflects the idea that healing is not a linear process but an ongoing journey that encompasses the ebbs and flows of life's natural rhythms.
         Within the pages of "Mama Star's Healing Circle," readers will find a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, and practical guidance, thoughtfully curated to aid them in their quest for inner peace and resilience. Through a combination of artistic expression, mindful engagement with the natural world, and the exploration of time-honored spiritual philosophies, this groundbreaking guide offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to transcend the chains of generational trauma and embrace their fullest potential."



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