H. Honeycup Body Care with a Cause

Item Description

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  You can gift this bundle to someone who needs a hugThey may be in recovery from addiction, recovering from an illness, or simply need to give their body more TLC. Our bundle is safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. FREE SHIPPING FOR THIS BUNDLE.

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Three Portable Minis| Body Scrub, Body Oil, Lotion Stick | MADE SAFE® Certified Product | Comes in a gift pouch

.5 oz glass jar, .35 oz glass bottle, .30 oz paper board tube

PERFECT SET OF MINIS: Travel size to exfoliate and moisturize anytime, anywhere. Instantly engaging.

BODY SCRUB ORANGE SUNFLOWER. Smooths and softens to transform skin so it glows.

BODY OIL PALMAROSA POMEGRANATE. Lavender body oil is spa-like and locks in moisture.

LOTION STICK ORANGE SUNFLOWER. Perfect and portable, hydrates with a solid texture that is easy to take with you.

SPILL PROOF AND PORTABLE: Discover the convenience of minis. Hydrate skin whenever you need it.

NONTOXIC: Our original formula has the perfect combination of ingredients to polish and moisturize skin for a soft feel and a healthy glow. No chemical fragrance.

EASY TO USE: Use in daily body care anytime, anywhere. Rub scrub all over body in the shower. Glide oil roller ball over skin and rub in. Glide lotion stick over skin with push up tube.

SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN: Orange, lavender, palmarosa oils for luxurious aromatherapy.

We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean living journey. Now you can too.