Darling Spring

Item Description

Put on your comfy pants, get your favorite move ready, and grab the popcorn and chocolate. It's time for a comfy movie night and this Sea Salt Almond Chocolate Bar is here to elevate your snack game.

The Sea Salt Almond Chocolate Bar is 60% Colombian dark chocolate and sprinkled with flakes of Maldon sea salt, filled with crunchy and toasted almonds. Each bite is rich and powerful with flavor profiles of molasses and caramel. It pairs perfectly with buttery popcorn and even your dark liquor cocktail. This sweet, salty, crunchy combo will cure any chocolate craving or even a bad day.

Markham & Fitz chocolate is the ultimate guilt-free treat. They are all-natural, organic, and ethically sourced. Each bar is handmade with care and wrapped in sustainable packaging. They are also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free so everyone can enjoy the flavorful dessert! The only question you'll need to be asking is "What movie are we watching?"

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